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star2star communications with Qualtel

The Communications Solution That Just Works Your Business IP Phone System

Star2Star is capable of providing your business with numerous phone options, and we are also able to accommodate many additional phones to our system. The wide variety of phones Star2Star offers have been specifically selected to provide our customers with greater productivity, superb voice quality, and seamless unified communications.

Your phone system shouldn’t be a cost of doing business. It should be a competitive advantage. Upgrade to the world’s most reliable cloud-based unified business communications system and you could cut your monthly business phone bill almost in half while improving productivity.

Here are just a few ways our reliable end-to-end solution saves you money:

  • Flexible per-seat and per-line pricing options
  • Low upfront cost plans available
  • Video Conferencing
  • Guaranteed Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Mobile
  • Blended Architecture

Get In Touch With Qualtel

Call QualTel

Toll Free: 800.523.2522
Fax: 210.706.2860

Qualtel Office:

6213 Grissom Rd #605
San Antonio, TX 78238

Qualtel Communications is owned and operated by New Mexico Air National Guard veteran, Benny Martinez.


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