NEC SL1100

NEC SL1100

Smart Communication For Small Business

This unique communications platform is the ideal solution for any small business.

NEC’s SL1100 Communications System delivers an integrated unified communications (UC) solution that enhances productivity and collaboration while offering key functions that deliver excellent business benefits. The SL1100 offers IP Technology, Mobility Options, Voicemail, Email, Call Accounting, Automatic Call Distribution, Unified Communications, and a selection of IP and digital handsets.

This interactive guide will help you customize your SL1100 handset, allowing you to fully utilize the many features of the SL1100 Communication System.

The SL1100 supports both 12 and 24 button handsets.

Your NEC SL1100 digital 12/24-button handset comes equipped with the following features:

  • 12 or 24 user programmable function keys with LEDs (depending on model)
  • Backlit keypad and soft keys
  • Adjustable angle
  • 4 feature keys with navigation wheel
  • Headset port
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • 20-number personal directory
  • 1000-number system/group directory
  • Built-in wall mount
  • Dual-color call indicator lamp
  • 8 selectable ring tones
  • Energy-saving sleep mode
QualTel Communications NEC SL1100 business phone system

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