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Thank you for your interest in Qualtel. We want to help you improve your company's phone and tech systems. Keeping your business continuously and reliably connected to your clients is our main focus. To do this we offer Secure VoIP, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Virtual Assistants, Call Forwarding, Intercom, Paging, Message Alerts, Missed Call Notifications, and much more.

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6213 Grissom Rd #605
San Antonio, TX 78238

For immediate assistance, call 210-523-2522.


QUALTEL'S APPROACH to Voice & data cabling

Relationships: We believe that building strong business relationships is most important.

Integrity: We will never infringe upon your customer base, even if we are solicited. You are our client.
We want YOU to make money without having to do the work.

Ethics: We pride ourselves on providing skilled services, not cheap labor. We will take care of your client in the same manner we take care of you; with strong business ethics and sound judgment.

If you have a need for a telephone services company, QualTel Communications is the answer.

There is one thing you have to do for data & phones:
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210-523-2522 or Toll Free 866-523-2522

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Toll Free: 800.523.2522
Fax: 210.706.2860

Qualtel Office:

6213 Grissom Rd #605
San Antonio, TX 78238

Qualtel Communications is owned and operated by New Mexico Air National Guard veteran, Benny Martinez.


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